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BBC Weather: Heavy rain to sweep across UK before lightning storms strike – new forecast | Weather | News

Stav Danaos told BBC Breakfast that the weekend will be dominated by spells of sunshine and showers in the UK. The BBC Weather meteorologist added there are fairly strong winds coming into the country across the east coast but overall winds will be lighter than earlier this week. But, the forecaster warned of thunderstorms developing across some parts throughout the afternoon.

Mr Danaos said: “Things are looking a little bit better for this weekend with sunshine and showers.

“It is going to feel rather cool for this time of year because we have northern winds moving in behind this area of low pressure.

“There are still fairly strong winds across the east coast but for most the winds will be lighter.

“Into the afternoon as the sunshine gets going there will be heavy, thundery showers developing across parts of England and Wales.”

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He added: “Tomorrow again there will be sunshine and showers, particularly across southern areas.

“It is going to feel rather cool again for the time of year.”

The BBC’s long-range forecast for the first week of August outlines a continued presence of low pressure in Europe.

BBC Weather wrote: “The large area of low pressure in place over northern Europe is expected to stick around through at least the first half of August as high pressure builds in the Atlantic and Central Russia.

The forecast continued: “As weather fronts move through from the west or northwest, we may get a brief ridge of high pressure, but this shouldn’t last for more than a day.

“This is thanks to the sharper temperature contrast we anticipate will develop over Europe, with cooler air in the northwest and warmth in the southeast.

“These temperature contrasts help strengthen the jet stream, a ribbon of fast-moving air in the upper atmosphere.

“This, in turn, drives surface weather systems and makes them pass through us quicker.”

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