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UK hot weather forecast: Sweltering 34C European heatwave heading for Britain – new maps | Weather | News

England scorched in its hottest temperature of the year yesterday as highs of 32.2C (89.96F) were recorded at Heathrow Airport in west London. The previous highest temperature for the year was 31.6C (88.88F), which was also recorded at Heathrow on Sunday. An amber extreme heat warning from the Met Office also remains in place for central and southern England, Wales and Northern Ireland until Friday.

The heatwave is expected to linger as the latest heat maps from Netweather show blistering highs from Europe sweeping towards the UK over the next few days.

The maps turn shades of dark red as southern and western France see highs of 32C tomorrow, before even hotter highs of 34C arrive in the same areas on Friday.

The hot air is then seen pushing up towards the UK during Thursday and Friday as the whole country turns red on the map, with temperatures nudging 30C in the Midlands.

Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook, predicted the hot air to potentially send temperatures in central and western areas of the UK soaring above 31C tomorrow.

He said: “Heatwave conditions continue in much of the UK with temperatures again climbing above 30C (86F) in a number of locations.

“There is more hot weather on the way in the next couple of days, but by the weekend a change will be taking place as an area of low pressure approaches from the southwest.

“Tomorrow will be dry and sunny in most of the UK, although scattered showers are likely in central and western Britain and Northern Ireland.

“Very warm or hot, especially in central and western counties where temperatures reach or exceed 31C (88F).

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The BBC’s long-range forecast between Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, July 25, added high pressure is helping the heat stick around this week.

The forecast said: “High pressure will ensure a lot of dry and sunny weather across the UK for a few days, especially in western areas.

“With high pressure building across the UK there will be a lot of dry weather around for several days, especially in Wales and western England.

“The exception will be some weekend drizzle over northern Scotland and a chance of showers elsewhere during Monday and Tuesday, mainly in the east.

“After a hot weekend it will become less warm but temperatures will stay above average.”

The Met Office also predicted warm conditions to linger over the next couple of weeks, although there may be interruptions of rain occasionally.

The forecast between Sunday, July 25, and Tuesday, August 3, said: “While temperatures dip back to near normal for most it will remain warm across Scotland and Northern Ireland, with the best of any dry or sunny spells here in the west.

“Monday and Tuesday sees further scattered and heavy (possibly thundery) showers, especially in the east of the UK, with drier and brighter conditions in the west.

“From the middle of next week until early August, we will likely see changeable conditions with a mix of sunny spells and heavy showers, perhaps with some more prolonged rain at times.”

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