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UK weather forecast: Temperatures to soar to 25C next week as storms subside – new maps | Weather | News

Britain’s week-long heatwave came to an abrupt end this weekend, as much of the country was hit by heavy downpours and thunderstorms. The adverse weather prompted the Met Office to issue a four-day storm warning, as London was hit by severe flooding causing severe disruption to travel. But the latest forecast shows the wet spell is set to come to an end next week, as warmer conditions are set to sweep in.

Temperature charts by Netweather show that after a rather cool and wet weekend, conditions are set to improve from the start of the new working week.

The chart shows temperatures are set to rise from the low-teens to the mid-20s by Monday, August 2.

Highs of 23C are forecast in the north east of England, with a sunny 20C forecast across the rest of the country.

Tuesday will be slightly warmer, with much of England expecting highs of 23C.

Wednesday afternoon is set to be even warmer, with 25C forecast in the capital.

Much of England will see temperatures rise to the mid-20s, with 24C forecast across the country.

The warm conditions look set to last through Thursday and Friday, with highs of 23C forecast.

England will see the hot temperatures continue through the weekend, with 24C forecast in the south east by Sunday afternoon.

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“From the middle of next week onward, we will likely see a continuation of mixed conditions bringing sunny spells but also some heavy showers, perhaps with more prolonged periods of rain at times.”

BBC forecasters also expect “dry, sunny breaks” next week.

From the end of the week, they state: “There is a slight chance these ridges are a little more frequent, especially later in the week, and we see some more consistently dry, sunny weather.”

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