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BBC weather: Europe suffers ‘extreme dangerous heat’ with temperatures at 47C | Weather | News

Europe is bracing for more blistering conditions as countries in the southern Mediterranean suffer through a record heatwave. BBC Weatherman Nick Miller has warned temperatures in Greece and Turkey are set to remain “particularly nasty” as both countries battle widespread wildfires amid humid conditions. Elsewhere parts of eastern Europe and the United Kingdom are due to experience heavy downpours in the coming days.

Mr Miller said: “Extreme dangerous heat still affecting southeastern parts of Europe.

“Particularly nasty into Greece and Turkey where temperatures in Greece have hit 47 degrees overnight.

“Temperatures holding into the 30s, really hard to escape from the effects of this heat.

“Of course blazing sunshine as well.”

“Now things are going to moderate in the coming days,” added the metrologist.

“We are going to see just a feed of somewhat cooler air starting to move in.

“Along with a weather system which is taking some heavy rain farther east across Europe.

“So some particularly heavy downpours into Poland and by Friday still there across northern parts of the country, towards the western part of Russia and just starting to move in…Belarus, Ukraine seeing some of that as well, and starting to head towards the Baltic countries as well.”

“In fact, some heavy and thundering downpours breaking out here.

“So it is tough to escape some showers at some stage of each of the next four days in London.”

“With the showers occasionally into Paris as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, temperatures in Athens are tipped to drop to around 33 degrees – average for this time of year.

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