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BBC Weather: Persistent winds engulf UK as mid-week wall of rain to plague Britons | Weather | News

The BBC Weather forecaster noted conditions will remain settled on cloudy through the first part of the week, with Scotland the target of most of the bad weather from Sunday. Winds will slowly pick up in strength as the weather front from the west slowly moves into the UK and sinks towards England and Wales halfway through the week. Ms Powell said: “Potentially, we could see some more significant rain through the middle part of the week because there’s a weather front that’s going to move in and that will bring some heavy rain for a time and some stronger winds across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“It gradually sinks to the south through Wednesday night into Thursday morning so we might see some rain overnight Wednesday into Thursday across central and southern England but it does bring the risk of some rain on Wednesday.

“But then cloudier and slightly milder weather conditions look likely to return by the end of this week.”

The forecaster said conditions will remain drab and dry across the southern half of the UK while rain and winds keep plaguing Scotland and Northern Ireland at the start of the week.

She continued: “Temperatures will be a little more subdued compared to yesterday.

JUST IN: BBC Weather: Persistent winds engulf UK as mid-week wall of rain to plague Britons

“And by the end of the afternoon, we will begin to see those winds strengthening in the far northwest of Scotland.

“Light winds elsewhere, that’s not going to be our friend, it won’t help to break holes in the cloud and shift things around a little bit.

“It is going to be a rather grey, drab afternoon and beneath that cloud, maybe a degree or two down on yesterday, 5C or 6C.

“Out to the west, we’re looking at highs of around 8C or 9C.”

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She added: “As we go into Monday, the high continues to drift off but still influencing story across England and Wales.

“Our weather front by then, just a band of cloud and showery rain into the far north of Scotland.

“Eastern, southern Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England should see some brighter skies.

“We keep some thicker cloud just lingering into central and southern England through the day on Monday.”

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