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UK snow forecast: Britain to be hit in DAYS as cold front bites with -2C blast | Weather | News

Maps and charts show a mostly settled January coming to a crashing end in days when an Arctic weather front sweeps across the North Atlantic seeing snow hit much of Britain. Forecasters have warned a cold front is moving in towards the end of the week which is likely to see a big freeze blast in.

According to WXCharts, conditions throughout the week up to January 30 will be stable with rainfall relegated to parts of Scotland.

Temperatures are expected to stay close to 0C throughout much of the country, with the coldest conditions in Wales and south England with -2C featuring overnight.

But as January 30 rolls in, conditions are forecast to worsen dramatically, with midday on Sunday seeing a rain band of 4mm an hour stretch across the midlands, parts of Wales and Scotland and the west of Northern Ireland.

Snow, 1cm an hour, is also expected to feature near Kendal in England, as well as more gently over the west coast of Scotland.

Overnight into January 31, conditions will build over Scotland bringing heavier snow across much of the country, before pushing south over Britain.

By 6pm, pressure systems will have pushed the snow across the west of Britain, leaving 1cm of snow on the ground as far south as Norwich and across much of the east.

By the start of February, snow is expected to be on the ground in Brighton and London as well.

Tyler Roys, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and Lead European Forecaster, told Express.co.uk that before the end of the month “the weather is going to be quite settled”.

He told the outlet: “This will lead to widespread fog for England and Wales late Monday night and Tuesday morning. Fog will again develop across southern Wales, the Midlands and southern England Tuesday night and linger into Wednesday morning.

“The fog will be the most widespread across southern Wales into southwestern England. A cold front will move into northwestern Scotland on Wednesday with periods of rain.

“This cold front will move to the south-southeast across the United Kingdom Wednesday night into Thursday and bring showers to N. Ireland, western half of England and Wales. The warmest day will be Thursday across the Midlands and southern England which temperatures will try to reach around 10C. This will be ahead of the cold front moving through.

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A Met Office spokesperson also told Express.co.uk conditions are set to be stable throughout the week.

They said: “It will feel cold in the south of the UK under the cloud for the next couple of days, although settled, while wetter and milder conditions will continue to linger over north west Scotland.

“More unsettled and windy conditions will move in for the north west as the week progresses but temperatures everywhere will be generally around or above average.”

Jo Farrow, Netweather.tv forecaster, wrote for the agency’s website: “High pressure remains this week keeping the weather mostly settled and dry.

“There will be a slight interruption midweek and NW Scotland does stay wet with weather fronts often caught in the flow over the top of the high.

“After today the breeze will pick up for Scotland and it becomes windy later on Wednesday as a low pressure passes by over Shetland.

“Then a repeat as the high builds back and there will be very light winds in the south, a gentle westerly breeze further north until the winds pick up again on Saturday.

“Beyond next weekend, the flow might tilt to the north. This would draw down colder air and possibly snow showers in the flow.”

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