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UK weather warning: Britain braced for high winds as Polar vortex remains strong for WEEKS | Weather | News

The BBC’s long-range forecast is predicting that as the country moves into February “low pressure looks most likely over Iceland and Scandinavia, with high pressure over the eastern Atlantic extending over western Europe”. While this will maintain near seasonal temperatures for most parts, it “will be windy over Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England at times”, its report said.

As well as wind, spells of rain could reach all parts of the country at times, with the wetter weather most likely to be over Northern Ireland and Scotland, the corporation’s long-range forecast read.

This prediction was mirrored by website The Weather Outlook’s forecast.

It said next week is likely to be “often dry” and “chilly at times”.

This will particularly affect southern and central regions, with rain more likely in the north.

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“Later on it may start to turn more changeable, especially in the north.”

The Met Office’s long-range forecast also warned of “stronger winds” during the end of January and into the start of February.

It said that these will be “mainly restricted to the far north, although possibly bringing unsettled conditions further south at times”.

This windy weather is set to remain throughout much of February, according to the BBC.

It said that high pressure over the north-east Atlantic extending to Iberia will combine with low pressure near Iceland and northern Scandinavia.

It added: “The latter half of the forecast does remain a little uncertain. In early February the low pressure could be a stronger feature, pushing the high pressure further away.

“This would bring even more unsettled weather to all regions.

“By the second week of February, we could have high pressure over Europe, bringing a drier, less windy pattern.”

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