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João Baptista Borges hopes, solar panels will replace thermal sources of energy production

The Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, assured in Benguela on Wednesday (20th) that solar panels will replace thermal sources of energy production. 275 million liters of fuel per year, which  in financial terms corresponds to about 85 million dollars per year,” he said.The country’s first two solar power plants, inaugurated yesterday by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, in Biópio and Baía Farta, benefit 1.5 million Angolans. The President said that the two photovoltaic systems have an installed capacity of 370 megawatts. With the projects inaugurated, Angola joins the list of African countries producing solar energy. The Biopio photovoltaic plant, the first  inaugurated by João Lourenço during his visit of a few hours to the province of Benguela  and located 54 kilometers from the municipality of Catumbela, is the largest in sub-Saharan Africa. The infrastructure, built on an area of ​​360 hectares,  has an energy production capacity of 188 megawatts  and has a total of 509,000  solar  panels. The photovoltaic park of the municipality of Baia Farta,  30 kilometers from Benguela, it will produce 90/95 megawatts of solar energy. The head of the energy and water portfolio João Baptista Borges announced that from an environmental point of view, the construction of the two solar  plants corresponds to 935 tons of carbon dioxide that are no longer  emitted.”That’s because when there are no thermal  energy sources, there are no  emissions to the atmosphere, and that amount of carbon dioxide is not emitted,” he pointed out.On the national  production of matrix energy, the governor said that the current share is 62 percent of the production of hydroelectric power and 48 percent of the production of thermal energy. João Baptista Borges pointed out that the goal is to get 72 percent of the renewable energy by 2025 the Matrix, a commitment Angola made at the Glasgow Summit in Scotland last November. The authorities of Biopolis expect With an estimated population of about 8,000 inhabitants, Biopio has  great agricultural potential. Therefore, the municipal authorities highlight the inauguration of the photovoltaic park, which will benefit the city in terms of supply of renewable energy.In this context, the municipal manager José Nomãla confirms that the project inaugurated by President João Lourenço will attract more investors in the area.He added that this solar energy project contributes to its potential the municipality has in relation on the  water resources a big win. “This will contribute to the development of the community,” he added. Local Regent, Evaristo Miápia, highlighted the benefits of the project for Community  development, stressing that it will attract investors. “Biópio has large areas, lots of water, and now comes this source of energy that will bring many benefits to the municipality,” he concluded.

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