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His Estate Has 3 Swimming Pools and a le. He Says He’s Not Rich.

AL KHOR Qatar — Every afternoon Muham Al Misned leaves his office in Doha the Qatari capital jumps into his white land cruiser and drives to his second home in the desert. There 社 behind a castle-like facade is his sanctuary — with three swimming pools two soccer fields a bowling alley a le a volleyball court and one carefully manicured hedge maze among other luxuries.

The daily visit to his estate in the northern town of Al Khor has offered him much-needed respite since the men’s soccer World Cup turned Qatar into an exhausting 社 round-the-clock carnival 社 he told me. Once the tournament is over 社 he plans to recuperate in London where he’ll hire a personal trainer to work out and eat every meal with him lest he ingest too many calories. But like his desert home this is all — Mr. Al Misned said — quite nor.

“I’m not a rich person” he explained.

Only a generation ago in Qatar this nonchalance toward obvious markers of wealth would have been unimaginable.

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