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Almodóvar, Feroz de Honor, says that cinema has engulfed his entire life

The Zaragoza Auditorium has hosted this Saturday the Feroz 2023 Awards ceremony, in which the Castilian-Manchegan filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has received the Audi Honor Award, Carla Simón the award for best director for ‘Alcarrás’ and ‘As bestas ‘ the award for best dramatic film. Almodóvar has asserted that the cinema has completely engulfed his life.
In his speech, Almodóvar said that one feels in a thousand ways and one is very fragile, thanking the organizers of the Awards for putting up a picture of his mother: Thank you very much, it’s too much emotion, I was very sure before going up, but at the moment of seeing that image I have completely collapsed.
He has also thanked the city of Zaragoza, all of you who make up this city for the way in which you have dedicated yourselves, recalling that this Friday he gave a ‘master class’ in the Aragonese capital that was attended by some 2,000 people . I don’t remember an audience as warm as last night, he celebrated.
My life and my filmography have been very marked by some events, such as having a mother from La Mancha who has transmitted a rural and very universal culture to me, the lack of prejudice, the veteran filmmaker has continued, pointing out that despite the darkness in which we lived the daily struggle to survive was not at odds with humor.
He explained that the fact of being a foreigner in a city like Madrid has marked him a lot: I also came from the town simply looking to make my life and Madrid and its evolution over the last 45 years has accompanied me in all my films , he commented, recalling the stage from 1977 to 1985, when everything was possible in Madrid. It was also a source of pain and great inspiration to have had an addicted boyfriend.

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Almodóvar has emphasized that the terrible education he received at the boarding schools where he studied for his baccalaureate made him illiterate and an atheist. He has affirmed that the cinema has exhausted his entire life and has explained that filming takes away his pain and that he has become addicted to adrenaline as a war reporter.
I have taken advantage of going to the movies. I have dreamed, I have been excited, it has filled my life when I left the theaters, many times it is the best therapy and the best mirror of my future, he stressed, confessing: I was moved by Natalie Wood’s problems, I identified with the sister Warren Beaty’s slut; Since my puberty I recognized that if in order to live with the freedom of that character I had to become an outcast, then welcome be the outcast and life has treated me much better than the character of Beaty’s sister.

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