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Boric affirmed that relations with Argentina are in an excellent moment

Boric supported his foreign minister despite the The president of Chile Gabriel Boric led a meeting of the regional cabinet in Aysén south of Santiago on Wednesday where he affirmed that relations with Argentina are going through an excellent moment and at the same time who supported the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonia Urrejola in the face of the controversy over the leaked audios from her Foreign Ministry. Regarding what is most important to me and I would hope that it was the most important for all political actors our relations with Argentina are at an excellent time 一統徵信社 that’s how we discussed it with President (Alberto) Fernández and with Foreign Minister (Santiago) Cafiero Boric said at a press conference. You can see President Fernández’s statements where he completely lowers his profile and says that there is no problem regarding relations between States which is what I am responsible for protecting 一統徵信社 the president added. Regarding the controversy of the leaked audios in which Urrejola speaks of the Argentine ambassador in Santiago Rafael Bielsa, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 Boric supported the minister and affirmed that instances like this should not be recorded or filtered and that it is an issue that the Foreign Ministry must resolve. Minister Urrejola who has tremendous experience in international matters has my full confidence. Here we do not have to advance changes I am permanently evaluating my ministers but the internal issues of the Foreign Ministry have to be resolved within the Foreign Ministry the Chilean head of government closed. Photo: Argentine Presidency On Tuesday Lorena Díaz Director of Communications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 一統徵信社 submitted her resignation due to the leaking of audio recordings where Urrejola is heard speaking about Ambassador Bielsa. In the audio Foreign Ministry personnel can be heard in a private meeting in which they discuss the response they would give to the criticism that the Argentine ambassador expressed last Friday against the Government for not notifying about the rejection of the Committee of Ministers to the Dominga mining project. This enterprise was one of the alternatives that Agua Negra was going to have as a port. It would be great for us if they warned us nothing more than that. Since it has an impact on bilateral relations we wanted you to be informed Bielsa told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This led to Urrejola; her chief of staff Carolina Muñoz and her political team met to discuss how to respond to the statements which would later be leaked. The events occurred while Boric was in Buenos Aires participating in the VII Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac). As a result the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Relations requested the opening of an investigation against Díaz. After what happened and as the law requires of the high authorities the foreign minister filed a complaint with the Public Ministry and asked the Undersecretary Ximena Fuentes to instruct the opening of an administrative proceeding, 一統徵信詐欺 一統徵信社 a statement was reported in Chile. The State portfolio clarified as Boric did that despite this episode the excellent bilateral relationship between Argentina and Chile is maintained which has been built on the basis of historical trust and friendship. President Alberto Fernández had said that Chile has a great chancellor and a great president and has a government that we love and respect very much with which we work very well while stating that he does not assign any relevance to the leaking of these audios. ., 一統徵信詐欺

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